Our Attempt to Help the Environment. 

Squeaky Life started out when two friends (Josh & Josh) decided to do their part to help the environment. Where better to start than with the World's most consumed paper product.

The Goal was simple - Reduce the global demand for paper by finding a sustainable solution to toilet paper. In the fall semester of our senior year we launched Squeaky Life from our humble college dorm.


The Stats.

40 billion -

The number of toilet paper rolls consumed globally every year. Our mission is to not only reduce the demand for paper, but actually reverse its effects. With every order placed, Squeaky Life will plant a tree on your behalf!


35+ gallons - 

Studies suggest it takes 35+ gallons of water to make one roll of toilet paper. Our product gets you squeaky clean in less than 1 pint!


$120 -

The average American spends roughly $120 Dollars on toilet paper per year - and thats before the plumbing costs! Our product is competitively priced at $69.99, meaning more you're saving the wallet as well as the world!


20 Minutes - 

The amount of time it takes to install your bidet! Our bidet's fit all standard toilets and some one-piece toilets.