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Undeniable Winner In Terms Of Hygiene

We are all aware that we need to reduce our environmental footprint and this is an easy way to make a big difference.Studies say it takes 35+ gallons of water to make one toilet roll but with less than a pint of water per use you can be squeaky clean. That’s not to mention the reduction in paper that you are flushing, the money that you will save on TP, and the reduction in blocked drains and plumbing issues.

Undeniable Winner In Terms Of Freshness

Toilet paper is made from trees, 40 billion toilet paper rolls are used every year and this has a huge environmental impact...this is not necessary.


Undeniable Winner In Terms Of COMFORT

Wet wipes, feminine wipes and the likes are extremely hard to breakdown and most are not biodegradable...they are only necessary because people do not have the right equipment in their squeaky and never buy a bathroom wipe again.



fits all standard toilets and some one-piece toilets. Doesn’t require electricity or plumbing