President Biden Pledges for 100% Sustainability

As you may or may not know we are all about sustainability and eco friendly products and consumer behaviour in fact it's the exact thinking of how Squeaky was born. We set out to help reduce peoples footprint on the planet. So when we heard that the united States the country in which a large number of our friends and family belong it was with open arms we accepted the news that president Joe Biden wanted to move all government vehicles to sustainable electric vehicles or otherwise known as hip new lingo EV.

What has the newly in office President Biden on the matter? In a number or new orders signed by President Biden calling on the government to transform all government Vehicles equating to over 600,000 vehicles to be EV's by the year 2050. This is a $650 billion dollar investment from the United States government to help slow the level of emissions produced by the United States.

President Biden wants to cut the United States by 50% which would lead to an incredible commitment to helping stop the development of continued issues throughout the globe.

Why is it important to reduce your own carbon footprint ? It matters because if we can all do our part in our community to reduce our carbon footprint a little piece of good practice by many can make a huge impact in defeating the fight against emissions, plastic in the ocean and the ice caps melting. These small changes don't have to be going out tomorrow and paying $80,000 for a Tesla, switch from toilet paper to our best toilet attachment. It helps you save money and its good for your body and we plant a tree every time you sign up to our newsletter and make a purchase on our website

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