Alaska is Heating Up!

In recent times there has been a strange warmth around the Christmas time in certain countries and I am not talking about the warmth from the Hot Chocolate and chestnuts roasting on the open fire. This Christmas has seen a strange warmth in areas around the globe. Children at Christmas woke up hoping for a white Christmas but instead were greeted with Sunshine and extremely mild temperatures. Since when did the holiday season feel like summer in North America. 

Alaska was one state that has seen an unusual amount of warmth this Holiday Season with temperatures hitting 67°F (19.4°C) last Sunday. For the coldest state in the Country that is extremely high temperatures up 20F (11°C) from last years high. These alarming statistics show the continuing issue that exists with Global Warming.

The issue is still fixable and by doing your own small part you can contribute to the slow down of global warming. Why not start by changing from TP to our Bidet that will change your life. Oh and by the way it is far better for you than wiping with TP.

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