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The origins and benefits of the Bidet

by Darragh Hudson | | bidet, butthealth, healthyliving | 0 Comments

Origins of the bidet
There is still no consensus on the origin of the bidet, some texts indicate that it was the knights of the crusades when they returned from Jerusalem that had a kind of bowl, or that in the 17th century, Gallic artisans invented it for horsemen.

Another origin (the most popular) places the bidet in the 18th century, in France, for cleaning the intimate parts before and after sexual intercourse, which made it become popular quickly, for almost 150 years the bidet was always located in the bedroom.

The name bidet originated in France and means " little horse ", since to use it you had to ride on it. The bidet was evolving and by 1800 it had a manual pump that launched water upwards, the water was stored in a small tank. It was improved and perfected over the years, the end result being Squeaky!.


Benefits of washing with water instead of paper

Better hygiene

Yes, cleaning with water is much more hygienic than using toilet paper. If a bird pooped on your arm, would you just smudge it around with a dry tissue or immediately see out a water source to wash it off? I think we know the answer, so why do you treat your butt differently?

Washing reduces the chance of bacteria germination , and in general just removes more fecal bacteria, preventing you from spreading bacteria from your hands to wherever it is that your hands may go.


Reduction of urinary infections

Toilet paper has a series of colorants, odors and abrasives that can cause irritation for those of us that are more sensitive. Also using a bidet allows the water to flush away unwanted matter that can otherwise cause infections and discomfort.

 Hemorrhoid Relief

A lot of people report that the cooling effect of the water spray along with the gentle pressure it applies helps to relieve the discomfort of hemorrhoids. The additional benefit of not having to wipe with toilet paper removes a lot of friction that causes hemorrhoids to flair up and even bleed…nobody needs that!

Feminine freshness, pregnancy and post-natal.

Let’s face it, not everyone is feeling at their freshest during their period and a splash of clean water can be just what is needed. A little extra freshness can go along way when you are not feeling 100%.

Also during pregnancy and after giving birth, it can be harder to maneuver as you would like and a little help can be welcomed to get those hard to reach places.

Let’s talk about the environment

We are all aware that we need to reduce our environmental footprint and this is an easy way to make a big difference. Studies say it takes 35+ gallons of water to make one toilet roll but with less than a pint of water per use you can be squeaky clean. That’s not to mention the reduction in paper that you are flushing, the money that you will save on TP, and the reduction in blocked drains and plumbing issues.

Toilet paper is made from trees, 40 billion toilet paper rolls are used every year and this has a huge environmental impact...this is not necessary.

Wet wipes, feminine wipes and the likes are extremely hard to breakdown and most are not biodegradable...they are only necessary because people do not have the right equipment in their squeaky and never buy a bathroom wipe again.



Squeaky fits all standard toilets and some one-piece toilets. Doesn’t require electricity or plumbing