How will Squeaky improve your life?

Less TP = More Trees

TP production accounts for 15% of deforestation worldwide each year.

TP Can Contain Harmful Chemicals

Most conventional TP is processed with chlorine bleach to make it white.

Save up to $52 on TP this year

The average American spends up to $70 per year on toilet paper.

What Our Customers say?
What Our Customers say?
I'm constantly looking for ways to reduce my carbon footprint, Squeaky makes it so easy! The attachable bidet from Squeaky allows me to do that.
— Vivian, New York
What Our Customers say?
Got myself this as my previous one had broken. It was easy to install and works better than my last one.
— Jeff, Tuscon
What Our Customers say?
My husband purchased a Squeaky Bidet and it has been amazing. We have totally cut down on buying toilet paper which as the weeks go on adds up on the cost. Would highly recommend.
— Louisa, Iowa